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Hello faithful readers! It has been awhile since I have posted on the blog, but as promised across social media platforms, it is time to ramp things up again. Due to personal situations, other professional obligations, and a focus on finishing the next book, I have been neglecting the posts on here. I have both good news and bad news to share, but first I will go with the bad.

The Bad News

While I do intend to resume regular posting, including free stories to further give readers an understanding of the entire world of Evorath, I am currently unsure of how I intend to resume this schedule. I have a lot of words to write to finish the next book so I can get it to editors in time. As an independently published work, I am also looking at ways to expand my readership and give more people the enjoyment of this universe. So, without any promises, I will hopefully have an update in the next month as to how I will start getting this free content to you again.

The Good News

good news

Of course, while the bad news may be disappointing to some of my readers, I am confident that the good news will outweigh it. In case you hadn’t seen previously, the next book is in the works and the title for it is: The Rise of Yezurkstal. Some of you had been asking for more insight into this sinister villain and I am happy to say that this next book will help to flesh him out much more. I promise, I have a plan for the series, so stick with me in this second book and into the third book (title is a secret still on that one) to see his progression.

You all probably remember in English class that heroes are supposed to grow in a story. Well, I believe villains should as well. I strive for believable characters in a complete world, which is why makes my stories fall into the epic fantasy realm.

The Rise of Yezurkstal Release Date

OK, so this is undoubtedly the real reason you are reading and many of you probably just cut to this part and ignored the rest. Please, don’t. Read everything first. Regardless, mark your calendars! The release for The Rise of Yezurkstal is Tuesday, August 16th, 2016. Or, in all numbers, 8/16/16, or 8-16-16 if you are weird and write the date with hyphens.

Other Announcements


I’m sure there are things I am neglecting, but I know there is one other thing I would like to point out. Going forward, when posting stories from the vantage points of different characters, like this story with Tel’ Shira, I will no longer be writing it in first person. Artimus, Savannah, and Yezurkstal are the exception to this rule, as they can actually write in proper English. The rest of the characters writing in first person just makes it difficult for people to follow, and I feel it detracts from the enjoyment these stories might otherwise bring. Other than this, also keep an eye out for announcements about the cover art. I am getting ready to send a description over to the artist and will hopefully have some teasers for you well before release.

I should have another update for you within the next month, but until then I hope you continue to enjoy some fun adventure books.

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Hailed as the J.R.R. Tolkien of the 21st century, Joseph Macolino is the author of the Evorath series, providing good fantasy books to those looking for heart-pounding action in a magical world.

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