Trolls of Evorath and Their History

Similar to the centaur, trolls do not care for the conveniences offered by large communities. Most remain nomadic in nature, travelling in small bands through the main continent on Evorath. Some remain in the forest of Erathal, some reside in the mountains, and others are even rumored to be roaming the plains to the south. Due to the widespread distribution, it is hard to get a real idea of how many actually live on the continent of Erathal.

Trolls can live up to 500 years, but no one knows how many trolls are left on Evorath. In stature, trolls are perhaps the most menacing of the native, sentient races and often reach heights in excess of ten feet. With their extremely high pain tolerance and unique regenerative abilities, this makes them very dangerous on the battlefield. In fact, they have a natural ability to regenerate from even deep cuts in a matter of hours.

Physically, trolls are considered a very unattractive race, most of them having only small patches of hair and very rough, wrinkly and graying skin. Though seemingly primitive and sometimes savage, trolls are actually very intelligent and their most-skilled shamans are some of the most powerful mages in all of Evorath.

More About Trolls

Unique Traits: Regenerative healing, high pain tolerance, very strong

Magical Focuses: Primitive druidic magic, shamanism

Weapons Technology: Stone weapons

In recent years, a powerful troll shaman played a part in the ritual of Dumner that called forth the Avatar of Evorath. Since this initial battle, the species has not played a significant role in the events. More alarming, there seems to be no traces of any troll villages or tribes still roaming the forest, which leaves some to wonder where they all went. If you do happen to stumble upon a troll in the wild, you are not likely to see more than one.