Satyr of Evorath and Their History

SatyrSatyr were once great artists and musicians, and though they still produce some extraordinary works, their species has greatly declined since they invented alcohol. Hundreds of years ago, every one of them on Evorath vanished from Erathal forest. Rumor has it that they moved to an island off of the main continent and live their drinking wine and having orgies.

Half-goat and half elf, they are anything but impressive in stature, the tallest standing no more than four and half feet tall. When a satyr is spotted on the main continent, they are always intoxicated and extremely rude, only caring for bodily pleasures. Though the oldest documented of this race have lived well over 400 years, most don’t even make it to 300 with their destructive lifestyle.

The story goes that many of the oldest tribal warriors were very powerful despite this stature and relatively short lifespan. Today, finding a warrior living within Erathal is completely unheard of, so many other races, specifically the elves and lizock, believe that this is nothing more than a racial myth.

Despite all the negative traits of satyr, they will still occasionally produce great works of art, and legend exists among them that their greatest elder is actually older than any other creature on Evorath. When it comes down to it, they may be hedonistic, but art and music on Evorath owes much of its origins to the satyr. In fact, without their contribution, many of the most popular instruments like the recorder, lute, lyre, and harp would not exist.

More About Satyr

Unique Traits: High alcohol tolerance, strong bones

Magical Focuses: Druidic magic

Weapons Technology: Iron, crossbow

Famous Satyr in History: Innap, Ulcar, Mortus

In recent history, a satyr mage was involved in the ritual that called forth Evorath’s Avatar. While it is unknown what happened to him and his convoy after the ritual, many believe that the entire race has retreated to their hideout away from the mainland to avoid any conflict.