Lizock of Evorath and Their History

Lizock are often looked down upon by other races because they are known for being uninviting. In fact, most of the species prefer to avoid contact with other races because they look down upon them. Because of their inherent disdain for other species, they tend to build isolated communities away from others. While lizock merchants are the most business savvy and hard-working of their trade, they have developed a reputation of being dishonest in their dealings with outsiders. This further enhances the tension between races and leaves most cities trading only with themselves.

The oldest lizock lived close to 700 years, but most never reach such a ripe age. Like their four-legged relatives, lizock can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but most commonly they have dark black scales. Their scaly skin is extremely tough, making them resilient to anything less than the sharpest of small blades and they reach heights of around six feet, with some growing notably taller. Regardless of their height, they tend to be physical fit, which is also why it is not uncommon to find rogue bandits of this race causing trouble in the wilds.

Omnivores by nature, lizock eat a very wide variety of foods. They have well-developed and urbanized city centers, and they remain one of the most populous people on Evorath. Unlike the other major species, they have actively started training their warriors in guerilla warfare and encourage some untraditional fighting techniques on the battlefield.

More About Lizock

Unique Traits: Low-light vision, tough skin

Magical Focuses: Druidic magic, basic illusion magic

Weapons Technology:  Mostly steel weapons, invented flail, bow, crossbow

In light of the threat from Yezurkstal, the main Lizock City to the west of Erathal has closed off its borders from outsiders completely. This has left some of the smaller settlements in a tight spot, which has left many (reluctantly) looking for trading agreements with outside races.