Lamia of Evorath and Their History

Very little is known about lamia by the other races of the forest. Historians hold that, at one time,  they were more vast in number than almost any race of the forest, but there is little evidence to support this. Now, their tribes are mostly hidden, and no one can accurately measure how many remain on Evorath. By the best estimates, their numbers are much more limited than they once were, but some suspect this is a clever ploy to hide themselves from the turmoil of the continent.

Like the mystery behind their population, no one is quite sure how old lamias are capable of living. Contrary to popular belief, there are male lamia, but none have been seen by an outside race in over 100 years. Physically, lamia are considered to be some of the most beautiful people in all of Evorath, and with the snake part of their bodies unwound they can reach heights of over ten feet.

Lamia are notorious for their illusion magic and rumor has it that their most powerful mages are able to actually manipulate reality. In modern Evorath, lamia live only in small, isolated villages and some of their people have migrated to the mountains to seek refuge from the forest. Almost all of the villages focus on their faith in the goddess Evorath and advancing their magic to better serve her will.

More About Lamia

Unique Traits: Night vision

Magical Focuses: Geomancy, druidic magic, illusion magic

Weapons Technology: Mostly iron weapons, some steel, invented flagged mace.

While lamia have remained in the shadows during recent history, it is important to realize that virtually all members hold some sort of magical sway. Whether it is their famed illusion magic or a more mundane form, the importance of magic is integral to their faith life and plays an important role in their development as a species. Some suggest that without their magic, they would die off entirely.