Felite of Evorath and Their History

Like their four-legged feline relatives, the felite are extraordinarily flexible and quickly adapt to new conditions.  Even their heavier warriors are trained in advanced acrobatics and aerial combat techniques, giving them a unique edge over any other forest race. Currently, the entire population resides in the northern edge of Erathal where they have a fairly urban confederacy established.

Though the story of nine lives is a myth, felite live longer than any mortal race on Evorath save the elves –many lasting past the age of 800. Obesity is a word that most members of the species would not even understand if you spoke it, as none of them are overweight. On the whole, they worship Evorath, but they are the first race to propose the idea that no deity should be worshiped as superior to other species.

Like their four-legged relatives, a felite can come in all sorts of sizes and fur colors, which can help identify what class they belong to. Those with spots typically below to the magic class, whereas those with stripes typically are warriors. Pure fur colors can be either, but the size and build of a felite can also help determine class. While independent in nature, there are no records of any member denying their natural talents and committing to another path.

More About the Felite

Unique Traits: Extremely flexible, night vision, superb hearing, superb sense of smell, sixth sense

Magical Focuses: Druidic magic, support magic, white (healing) magic

Weapons Technology: Steel weapons, invented scimitar, invented kris knife, projectiles, invented bolo.

Notable Felite in History: Mau Lu, Toa Son, Su Pau

In modern Evorath, the felite are a very powerful people. The Confederacy has a strong army both in numbers and in sheer training. They were involved in the ritual that brought forth Evorath’s Avatar and continue to play a role in the shaping of the developing world.