Elves of Evorath and Their History

The Elves are typically considered to be the most diverse race in the plane of Evorath. Their cities are much more urban than the rest of their forest brethren, and unlike the other caretakers of the forest, they are much less reliant on magic. Most of the elvish population resides within theĀ RepublicĀ of Erathal, but some smaller tribes cling to a more primitive life in the wilds of the forest.

A typical elf will live for about 1,000 years, but severe signs of aging do not really show up until about three quarters of the way through their life. Elves are the number two species for obesity, and they rarely exceed heights of six feet, leaving them smaller in stature than many of the other major races. It is almost unheard of for an elf to have black hair, or even dark brown. Like their skin tone, their eyes and hair tend to be light in color.

Most elves worship Evorath -the grand creator of their universe- among all other deities. Of all the native races of Evorath, they have the most experience and ability when it comes to agriculture and boast some impressive farms. They also have one of the most complex societal systems, with citizens specializing in all manner of professional disciplines. Though most elves stick to a vegetarian diet, they also make for some of the most skilled and observant hunters.

More About Elves

Unique Traits: Low-light vision, exceptional hearing

Magical Focuses: Everyday magic, druidic magic, geomancy, support magic

Weapons Technology: Mostly steel, some mythril, bow, crossbow.

The most recent development in the world of elves is the fact that Erathal just recently underwent a non-violent revolution. During this transition, they shed away the feudal system and said goodbye to the rule of a king. Now, they elect a Chancellor and members of the senate to represent them in all matters of state.