The dryad were the first line of defense created by Evorath, generals of the original army, which fought against the demons. Like any nymph, dryads are uncontrollably seductive to males of all species, and rumor is that if you are to look directly at a dryad the only thing that can prevent you from acting on your urges is the presence of someone you truly love. Dryad do not reproduce, but for each type of tree on Evorath, there is one dryad inexorably tied to it.

Dryad will never die of old age, but in the original war against demons it is rumored that more than a handful fell prey to the enemy. With hundreds of different trees in Erathal alone, it is believed that there are at least a few hundred dryad still alive. Physically, their beauty is often described differently by different species, but most commonly they look like green-skinned elves with long, root-like hair.

As far as contributions, dryad invented the magic that is commonly used by druids, and they utilize it at a higher level than any other species is able to. One advantage of being tied to trees is that these dryad can instantly move from one tree to another. Despite this, there are some rumors that if any one tree were completely eradicated the dryad that was tied to it would die as well.

Unique Traits: Seductive presence, part of Evorath

Magical Focuses: Advanced druidic magic, Natural magic affinity

Weapons Technology: N/A