Demons of Evorath and Their History

After Evorath created her world, it was immediately invaded by demons from another plane. Aliens on the plane of Evorath, these denizens of the dark originally outnumbered the added sum of all other races on this plane. Fortunately, the dryads won their war against this invading species after creating the other people of Evorath. This war is known in history as The Demon Wars, and since that victory the realm has been relatively free of their involvement.

Physically, demons are perhaps the most diverse and menacing creatures in all of the realm. Some of them are small and imp-like, but most are large and intimidating. Many have wings, but some are without the ability of flight completely. Demons can even reach heights of fifteen feet or taller, and their skin is tough enough to shrug off anything but a strike from the sharpest of bladed weapons. This includes many arrows, leaving even the most skilled archers a bit underprepared when encountering one of these monsters.

Some believe that demons are constantly traveling between worlds to destroy the local inhabitants and re-appropriate their resources. Rumor has it that they serve a dark god or goddess of their own and through this service they look to conquer Evorath. The most menacing of all, archdemons were the original generals of the evil army and used their colossal might to devastate entire legions of elves, centaur, felite, lizock, and other sentient races.

More About Demons

Unique Traits: Extremely tough skin, extreme pain tolerance

Magical Focuses: N/A

Weapons Technology: N/A

In recent years, the number of demons on Evorath has increased substantially. This is directly tied to the fact that Yezurkstal uses them to fuel his army and wage war against the other sentient species. Since he has reintroduced them to the realm, they have continued to wreck havoc and represent a real threat to anyone they encounter.