Centaur of Evorath and Their History

Though making up a large percentage of the population among sentient races, centaur tend to spread themselves out in many smaller tribes. Each of these tribes focuses on different aspects of forest life, some producing great warriors, others producing great druids, and still others focusing on artisans. The largest centaur tribe has no more than maybe 100 members, and even they are quite primitive compared to some of the more developed races. In most cases, they stick to an elder system with a chieftain or warlord of some sort governing the direction of the tribe.

A centaur can live up to 500 years, but most who reach this age suffer from both physical and mental ailments. In spite of their horse-like lower half, centaur are surprisingly agile and dexterous, one of the most physically fit races in all of Evorath. They commonly reach heights in excess of nine feet, making them a force to be reckoned with, even while unarmed.

Though many centaur tribes worship Evorath, some have allegiance to other deities as well. In the more war-liked tribes, centaur follow an old tribal system where they treat their elders with great respect and decorate warriors with paint and bones from dead animals.

More About Centaur

Unique Traits: Extremely strong

Magical Focuses: Druidic magic, support magic

Weapons Technology: Stone and wood.

In recent years, the number of tribes has been diminishing and some of the larger villages have vanished entirely. Despite being the focus of an attack from the evil Yezurkstal, the village of Dumner has gone the opposite direction. It is experiencing steady growth under its new leadership and actively seeks out other members to join the tribe. Of specific historical significance, the village of Dumner is also where the druids of all major forest races gathered to summon forth an Avatar of Evorath herself, making it a significant destination within the realm.