Barghest of Evorath and Their History

In ancient times when the demon fought Evorath for control of this world, the barghest sided with the demons. Aside from the demons of old, barghest were once the most populous race on all of Evorath and now they have arrived no the other end of the population spectrum. Spread out in a few small tribes within the forest, they maintain a primitive tribal attitude and tend to focus on war and close-quarter combat.

No one knows how long a barghest can live, because most of them die of unnatural causes after only one or two hundred years. In fact, there are no official records of one ever dying of natural causes. They make some of the most ferocious warriors in all of Evorath and reach heights of about eight feet. In stature, barghest tend to be very bulky and lean, physically strong and tough.

Most barghest have brown fur, but some are covered in lighter or darker shades. In modern times, they continue to have trouble getting along with other species. Due to this fact, they still tend to keep to themselves, and are known to be savage and unruly. When they do interact with other races, it is often because they are involved in a territorial dispute of some sort.

More About Barghest

Unique Traits: Exceptional sense of smell, exceptional hearing, feral, high pain tolerance

Magical Focuses: Primitive druidic magic

Weapons Technology: Iron and stone

Since the rise of Yezurkstal in the forest, barghest find themselves on the brink of extinction. Their tribes are being quickly wiped out by the armies of demons and dark elves, which has led some of them to surrender and offer themselves as servants. Others have fled to the mountains, where they hope to survive the current turmoil and keep the species alive while the rest of the forest fends off the onslaught.