The People of Evorath and Their Cultures

If you are looking to learn more about the people of Evorath, this is the place to begin. Our racial tome was designed to give you a complete synopsis of the most important species. Like all good fantasy books, the realm of Evorath is full of sentient races of people with diverse skills and abilities. Each of these peoples have their own tendencies and dispositions, which contributes to certain societal norms. Using this helpful guide, you can garner a true understanding of the different races in this realm and their culture. Just because you recognize one of these creatures from another realm does not mean they hold the same features. Evorath is its own world full of unique people and each species plays its part.

Bare in mind, individual members of each race can be quite unique, so this should not be considered a cookie-cutter guide. Instead, it is important to realize that this is an overview of how the species tend to fit into the world. For a general explanation and understanding of the different peoples inhabiting Evorath, click on the links below and begin your journey of enlightenment.

The People of Evorath

Barghest                                                                         Centaur

Demons                                                                          Dryad

Elves                                                                                Felite

Lamia                                                                              Lizock 

Satyr                                                                                Trolls

A world full of magic and intrigue, each of these sentient species lives in Evorath and plays a part in the development of history. If you want to follow these species over time, you need to keep up with the latest Evorath book releases, which provide a close look at the current developments in the world and let you really see how things can change over time. Whenever you are unsure about a species and want to learn more, make sure to use these pages as a guide.

Afterwards, make sure to continue browsing our online tomes for your convenience and learn more about this magical realm.