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The lore of Evorath.

The End of a Treaty

…Continued from last month Erathal, Elvish City 14 Julla, 1066 MT The queer dwarvish convey approached the gates to Erathal castle. At this time in their history, the gates were left open during all hours of the day, often being

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Final Days of Peace

Erathal, Elvish City 14 Julla, 1066 MT In the land of Evorath, among the forests and the mountains, the rivers and the lakes, the plains and the swamps, there was one city that stood out. Connected to the dwarves in

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Settling in Erathal

Part of the “Founding of Erathal” Series of Stories The Kingdom of Erathal Ancient Times – 1 Month after Official Settlement   “It has only been a month since we officially settled in this spot; only one month!” exclaimed Ulagret

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Evorath Celebrates Her Work

This is part of a series of posts focused on the goddess Evorath and her observations as she watches the world develop. Previous entries include: The Beginning, Before the War, and Judgement of Gods. Stay tuned for future releases as

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The Founding of Erathal

Erathal Forest Before Recorded History – autumn The humid forest air of Erathal was tempered ever so slightly by the gentle breeze that swept through the clearing. A large crowd of elves gathered around within the clearing, hunters, farmers, tailors, and

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