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Join the 2nd Edition Launch

In case you aren’t connected to me on Facebook, and also realizing that I have been neglecting this platform entirely too much, I wanted to make an important announcement regarding the release of the Enhanced Second Edition of The Birth

Release Date and Other News

Hello faithful readers! It has been awhile since I have posted on the blog, but as promised across social media platforms, it is time to ramp things up again. Due to personal situations, other professional obligations, and a focus on

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The End of a Treaty

…Continued from last month Erathal, Elvish City 14 Julla, 1066 MT The queer dwarvish convey approached the gates to Erathal castle. At this time in their history, the gates were left open during all hours of the day, often being

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Savannah Journals – 13 Julla, 1084

The following comes directly from the journal of Savannah Sylvanas. 13 Julla, 1084 MT Today was another challenging experience for me. I knew that my tribe was a bit different than the city, but I could never have imagined how

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Good Fantasy Books: Naming Locations

Last month, I discussed how to come up with character names for good fantasy books. Building upon that foundation, I wanted to take a step further and discuss naming locations. Though I don’t claim to be the go-to expert on

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