Month: October 2014

Irontail’s Continued Trial

…Continued from last month I waited with heavy breathe, working to calm myself for the next trial. I knew that focus would be important. “Next,” started Copperfoot, “You are to pick up that tree trunk and follow me. If you

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Good Fantasy Books: Setting the Scene

Good Fantasy Books: Setting the Scene Last week, I talked about the basic concepts I use to create detailed characters. Making well-rounded and believable characters is the number one part of writing good fantasy books. After setting up the main

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Archery Contest Continues

…Continued from last month I lined up next to the other semi-finalists once again. Out of the four of us, I had the lowest score thus far, which meant that I had to step up my game if I hoped

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Evorath Celebrates Her Work

This is part of a series of posts focused on the goddess Evorath and her observations as she watches the world develop. Previous entries include: The Beginning, Before the War, and Judgement of Gods. Stay tuned for future releases as

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