Month: September 2014

Irontail’s Final Test

Like every warrior of the Dumner tribe, I began training at the age of three. As I grew, I fell behind in my training. Whereas most centaur pass their final tests and enter into the rank of centaur warriors at

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Good Fantasy Books: Character Creation

Happy Friday everyone! Part of my new posting effort includes making an entry every third Friday regarding different writing mechanics and aspects of creating a vivid fantasy world. In my opinion, the most important aspect of all good fantasy books

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Archery Semi-Finals

My first archery competition often feels like it was only last week, for the memory is still ingrained deep in my mind. No matter what else I achieve, that will stick with. Maybe it was because it was because I

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The Founding of Erathal

Erathal Forest Before Recorded History – autumn The humid forest air of Erathal was tempered ever so slightly by the gentle breeze that swept through the clearing. A large crowd of elves gathered around within the clearing, hunters, farmers, tailors, and

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