Month: June 2014

The Stuff of Legend

Continued from The Fight Continues. Ulagret could feel his hands shaking as he looked up at the arch demon. He had heard plenty of stories, tales of terror about these treacherous tyrants; none of them did justice. This particular arch

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Sales Information

Well, the day has finally arrived. I know I have been anticipating this for some time, and I hope you have too. Without further ado, please consult this post for all sales information. Oh, but before we get started, maybe

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The Fight Continues

Continued from The Battle Begins. Ulagret gasped for air as he pulled himself out from under the large demon. Wiggling his sword, he was able to pull it out of the demon’s eye socket, crimson blood covering the blade. All

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The Battle Begins

Continued from No Rest for the Weary. Ulagret shifted uncomfortably, closely examining one of his arrows before notching it in his shoddy longbow. The obsidian arrowhead was crudely made, and if there was more time he would go about making

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No Rest for the Weary

Continued from Preparing for War. Ulagret, Innap, another satyr, a couple of felite, and a centaur all sat around a large tree stump –well the centaur stood- laughing as the morning hour approached. The waxing moon was still in the

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